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Loan Process

Here's what to expect from start to finish during your loan.

1. Apply Online

Complete a loan application and upload any requested documents to our secure site.

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2. Preapproval

Once your application is finished and we have received your documents, we will review them all along with your credit and determine if you are preapproved, which would allow you to continue in the loan process.

3. Underwriting

We will submit your application and all documentation to underwriting to determine if your loan meets all of the required guidelines. We will open a title order with the attorney's office, and will order an appraisal if one is required for your loan.

4. Conditional Approval

Underwriting will determine if your loan is approved and if so, will issue a conditional approval. We will then work with you to gather any documents needed from you, and will work in the background to obtain anything else needed for your loan.

5. Clear to Close

These are the 3 words every soon-to-be homeowner wants to hear! This means that all guidelines and requirements have been met and you have final loan approval. You will e-sign a closing disclosure and we'll get a time and date scheduled for your closing.

6. Closing

Congratulations! On closing day, you will sign your closing documents with the title company. You will receive information about where to make your payments shortly after closing. Don't forget that we are always here for you even after your loan closes to answer any questions that may come up in the future regarding your loan!